Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Awards Arrive!

It was a long journey for the award plaques to get to the winners in Afghanistan! The team from Tajrobawi Girls High School won awards in both divisions of the Global Virtual Classroom web contest during the 2013-14 competition.  The final travels of the awards were accomplished through assistance from the US and Afghan Embassies. (Thanks!)

Left to right Mr. Atarpoor,  Mr. Taheri Chief of Education Department in Herat City, Basira Basiratkhah Principal of Tajrobawi Girls high School and Nasrin Obaidi, teacher and guide during the contest.

Some of the very happy students holding the awards.
After the exams are finished (for the end of term), there will be a grand celebration for the entire school with guests from the City of Herat also invited.  More will be posted then.