Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Results are in for the Global Virtual Classroom 2011-2012 Contest, in which 22 teams of schools around the world built and submitted websites - an exercise aimed at enhancing abilities required for the 21st century -- cross-cultural communication, collaboration and computer skills.

12 teams from 36 schools participated in the primary school category and 10 teams from 28 schools participated in the older secondary school category.

The Award-Winning Sites are: [ for a complete LINKED listing go to http://www.virtualclassroom.org/win11.html]

Gold GVC1101 - Healthy Lifestyle
Silver GVC1103 - Bullying 101
Bronze GVC1109 – Unity in Diversity

Gold GVC1121 –  Women’s Rights
Silver GVC1117 – Breaking Borders with Social Networking
Bronze GVC1114 – World’s Strangest Festivals

Once again, this year, on behalf of myself, JoAnn Patrick-Ezzell and Andy Ezzell of Give Something Back International, as well as our slate of judges, I'd like to thank you all for your participation and enthusiasm for the GVC program.

By Wednesday, May 2nd, the Global Virtual Classroom website will be updated with announcement of the winners, with links to to all participant sites. The application for participation in 2012-13 will be available June 1, 2012.

Merit Award winners will be contacted by Tech4Learning,com with a special link and registration code which will enable you to download the free software prize.

One more time, congratulations to to all, and thank you for helping make the Global Virtual Classroom a great experience.

Janet Barnstable
GVC Program Manager