Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New GVC Clubhouse Project Director

I am happy to welcome Marsha Goren at the new Global Virtual Classroom (GVC) "Clubhouse" Project Director. For many years she and her students have participated in the Global Virtual Classroom Web Design "Contest" and has won several prizes for the best websites.

Marsha recently retired from the Ein Ganim Elementary School in Israel after 31 years of teaching. She will continue collaboration with the many educators who have become colleagues and friends at the award winning International "GlobalDreamers", and invite those participants to join the GVC Clubhouse. Teaching has always been her passion but her most rewarding experiences occurred when she discovered the power of the Internet. She recently wrote: "The kids and I learned about global collaboration and the sharing of knowledge with so many children and educators from around the world. My students advanced in so many areas, their English and technology skills improved beyond recognition."

When asked if she would like to bring her projects to GVC, Marsha said, "I'm proud to be able to participate in expanding the GVC around the world. The Clubhouse is not a competition, but a place for students to connect, collaborate, and communicate world wide."

Please welcome Marsha as a new member of our GVC team.